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The Earth Observation Data Ecosystem Monitoring System

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Protected Areas

EODESM was originally developed to support the classification of land cover and change for protected areas according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) taxonomy.



Environmental Variables

EODESM generates the maps by combining a diverse range of environmental variables with defined units retrieved primarily using Earth observation data.   



Ground Data

Hi Mattia, can you write in ground data:  EODESM uses the EarthTrack mobile application and airborne (including drone) data to support retrieval of environmental variables from satellite sensor data and to validate land cover and change classifications derived from these.  Data collected on land cover and change by the EarthTrack mobile app are available publicly, but other information is made available only to registered users.


Within each of the 21 Protected Areas selected by EOPOTENTIAL, a large number of changes are occurring at any one time and over time. An awareness and understanding of the types and nature of change was inherent and essential to the development of the EODESM system.

The EODESM system automatically classifies land cover from environmental variables according to the FAO Land Cover Classification System (LCCS-2) but also changes by comparing both classes and EVs for any time and time-separated period.  Over 100 types of pre-defined change can be mapped based on accumulated evidence.

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