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Ongoing research


Art. 6 - by Michael Bauer - Association Of The Geoinformation Industry Berlin/Brandenburg

Work Package 3 concerns about preparing an inventory of European platforms that provide open geospatial data. The results of the inventory will take the form of a web catalogue that can be accessed by interested users and even more importantly by applications like the ones developed in Work Package 6. 


This is the main rationale for creating the catalogue, providing an information source for the Virtual Hubs and other applications about where to find suitable platforms providing the data needed for the target use cases. 


The goal is not only to provide a register of open geospatial platforms but to also assess these and provide metadata on them, including some data quality measures. A project workshop attended by the application developing project partners has been held to identify the criteria that help the applications and Virtual Hubs to discover suitable platforms. 


One workshop output was a list of parameters by which the platforms could be assessed. Currently a project internal survey is being carried out to utilize the expert knowledge of the project partners for a first compilation of important open data portals and national stakeholders. Following this a second survey with the identified stakeholders will be realized to expand the list of platforms.

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