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Time, budget, and quality are the keywords for a consistent and effective implementation of a project.


Each of these factors influences the others and the task of a project manager is to find the right balance in order to make the project successful.


The iron triangle is a metaphor used for explaining how project management is traditionally measuring the success of a project.The management structure of ENERGIC OD has just been designed to ensure that the project meets its objectives on schedule, that all tasks will be completed within the approved budget, and that the quality of results will be assured.These, in particular, the main functions:

  • Day-to-day operational management.

  • Management of the scientific and methodological aspects.

  • Financial and administrative processes required by the EC.

  • Strategic management, decision making and conflict resolution.

  • Quality assurance and management.

  • Knowledge management, IPR and dissemination


The management structure is comprised by the following

bodies and officers:

Project management and the structure


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