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Target Users


The typical user of the ENERGIC OD solution is an application developer who needs to access geospatial data from heterogeneous infrastructures but does not have the expertise or resources to address interoperability issues and harmonize interfaces, metadata and data models.


More over users include:

  • Private companies developing GI-based applications

  • Public authorities and federal states that wish to make public data available to citizens in order to improve transparency and governance and contribute to the development of their territory

  • SDI developers who can adopt the ENERGIC-OD VH technologies to deploy new VHs for accessing and brokering other existing infrastructures

  • End users wishing to enrich existing databases


An application developer can develop desktop or mobile client applications (including Location Based Service applications) using his or her preferred technology (Java, JavaScript/HTML5, Android SDK, etc.).


The application can connect to a VH and, using any of the supported protocols (including INSPIRE-compliant ones and lightweight interfaces such as OpenSearch), can discover and access data sources.


Datasets properly transformed (e.g. via subsetting) and harmonized (e.g. projected on the same Coordinate Reference System) are returned to the clients, who in turn can apply the application business logic without having to carry out interoperability transformations.

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