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Virtual Hub


Art. 7 - by Mazzetti Paolo - National Research Council of Italy Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research

An ENERGIC-OD Virtual Hub is a single point of access to open geospatial datasets. 


Through the Virtual Hub an user is able to access datasets provided by remote and heterogeneous systems, as if they were provided by a unique system. 


Thanks to the Virtual Hub, users will not need to solve complex interoperability issues, such as coordinate reference system transformations, or format encoding, anymore.


Datasets accessed through the Virtual Hub are seamlessly adapted and transformed by the Virtual Hub according to the user's needs making them directly available for use.


Moreover the Virtual Hub introduces value added services, such as semantic queries supporting multilinguality and suggestions, and data publishing.


Virtual Hub leverages cutting-edge technologies, to support both end-users accessing the system through an advanced geo portal, and software developers accessing system functionalities through simple Web APIs tailored to the development of Web and mobile apps.


The Virtual Hub will facilitate the effective and efficient use of open geospatial information, freeing potential users from the need of becoming geospatial interoperability experts, and letting them focus on their objective, being it data analysis, or application development.

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